Review of the Emily Bag | Vegan leather bag

June 06, 2021 2 min read

Review of the Emily Bag | Vegan leather bag

This is a review of the Emily Bag, which is a vegan leather bag which has a lot of pockets on the inside as well as the outside. The main features of this bag are its awesome appearance, the cute military style pockets on the front which are super functional as well as looking great, and the adjustable straps which make this bag convertible from a shoulder to a satchel to a back pack. It is soft and slouchy in style. The link to the store to check out the product page is here


The first Emily bag I got was the one in crimson, which is such a great colour. It kind of reminds me of this dark burgundy red shade of lipstick. Choosing which colour to get was pretty hard I can tell you!

When I first opened it it was all flattened out, and it needs to be shaped into the the bag that you see in the photos. Which is kind of cool actually, it was like I was moulding it into shape. The strap system takes a little working out, I wanted them to be as short as possible to give the bag that luscious look which is all about the hardware and pockets. The shortest the straps will go has the bag around my hip which is a decent length. If the straps are longer then the bag takes on more of a flattened out satchel shape. 

The little pockets at the front are great, most of the time all the little essentials I need can just go into these, and then the main compartments can hold my purse, or clothing, that kind of thing. The zips, I have to mention the zips are super smooth, they glide open and shut with just one hand (you know how most of the time you need both hands to open bag zips). 

The vegan leather looks really good. On the Emily bag it has a soft, almost puffy quality. The bag itself is very soft too, so it depends on what kind of bag you like, it you prefer a bag that has more structure to it this may not be the bag for you. But I like how it's so versatile and how you can mould and shape it somewhat. 

As a shoulder bag it looks the cutest, but I would say you can't carry too much in it as a shoulder bag as it starts to get heavy. When you convert it into a sling bag or back pack, it becomes more functional over cute. 

I do love it, and it gives me a little zing whenever I look at it!


Reviewed by Sharon 



Emily Bag - Vegan Leather Bag with three carry styles

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