About Us

Who we are

Spark Vegan is an online boutique vegan merchandise store. The name is inspired by the famous Marie Kondo phrase to 'Spark Joy'. The mission of the store is to provide a little spark joy and support to all fellow vegans souls old and new. 
Our aim is to put vegan affirmations and vibes out into the universe on merch that are fun and not militantly in your face, and sincerely hope you like the cute vegan inspired logos and messages. Check out the Tofu series with the Tofu friends which have been especially designed for this store!
As we are a small new company, some of our products take longer to ship out than others, especially with the current pandemic. If you want to double check on shipping times please contact us!
We offer special deals from time to time on a variety of items in the store. These specials can be seen on our Social page. If you would like to stay up to date with our specials be sure to like us so you can receive notifications about new specials. If you're not satisfied, there is a money back policy. If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.


About the Founder

Hi, my name is Sharon, and I'm so happy you came to visit my store!
In my  previous life I was a heavy meat, dairy and egg consumer. I am a pharmacist and had also completed a PhD doctorate.
My vegan story began 6 years ago when I had borderline gestational diabetes during my two pregnancies which didn't resolve after I gave birth. Naturally with diabetes it is all about the diet, and the indications were that I was high risk for developing diabetes later in life. So I did some research into whether it was possible to reverse this through diet, and this was when I first came across veganism. I watched and read several passionate lectures and articles, and it was like the wool (pun not intended) had been pulled away from my eyes. It had been indoctrinated into me that I had to have meat, dairy and eggs in my diet, and I had never questioned it. To realise that it was not so liberated me and I converted into veganism pretty much over night. Full of conviction I was doing the right thing, I was not at all prepared for how socially difficult it was. I am a Chinese Brit living in Hong Kong, and in the Chinese culture socialising revolves around eating, and the Chinese are heavily into eating meat. I virtually knew no one who was vegetarian let alone vegan, and my then husband (now ex) was completely unsupportive! It was tough times, but I made it through with the conviction that I was doing the right thing. It turned out that social media which I never thought of myself being especially savvy at was my savior and not only did I get a lot of inspiration and support from things like YouTube videos, Instagram and Facebook, I also made new friends through it too. But it was tough, and it makes me sad when I hear stories of others who say they want to be vegan or vegetarian but couldn't due to social pressures. 
I am now a passionate advocate of veganism and its important role in protecting the environment which I am also passionate about. This store is my way of doing my part and shining a little vegan light out there, whether it be for hardcore vegans but especially new vegans who need all the support you can get as you transition away from your previous meat eating life. So I hope the store gives you some spark joy, and thank you for stopping by!