Ten Gift Ideas for that Vegan Someone in your Life!

July 31, 2021 3 min read

Ten Gift Ideas for that Vegan Someone in your Life!

 This post is for you if you are looking for gift ideas for that vegan someone your life, like a friend, a family member, or maybe a colleague or your boss,  you get what I mean. It could be for a birthday, or maybe just to say thank you. Because you want to give the gift a little thought rather than buying any random item. Or maybe you would like to get them something vegan related, because you know they’d appreciate it. And I can tell you as a vegan myself for sure they will!

Naturally this post is going to have links going to our store, but feel free to just go ahead and use it for inspiration to go off and find something yourself. 


1. Food - Vegans do like their food, so one obvious gift would be to treat them to a meal in a nice vegan restaurant. Or get them a vegan cake, we love those. 

2. Eco -Totes - For a more low key but still fun gift, maybe a quality tote with a lush vegan related print on it, such as the tropical plant based queen tote. It is custom made and made of ethically sourced organic cotton. The lush bright graphic is bold and luscious and sure to give you a zing whenever it catches your eye. The bag can be hung up or draped anywhere, so can also be used for visualisation wherever it goes. 

 3. Handbag - We have a selection of small and large handbags/bags. For small handbags we have the Richa vegan leather handbag which is simple and classic,  and the plastic free and vegan Carleigh handbag made from cork and reminds us of the outdoors and nature. Simple classic handbags are always useful and evergreen. For large bags we currently have the vegan leather bag collection, for example the Vikki tote and the Daisy shopper which are simple, classic and stylish. And then we have the more rockstar Emily bag with its snazzy hardware and pockets. We also have some luscious girly briefcases and laptop backpacks

4. Home decor - For home/wall decor items that can be given as gifts we have a selection of feather free dream catcher inspiredwall pendants. Hang them up in your office to soften it up with its boho vibes, or indeed anywhere you want, inside the home, outside the home, anywhere. Makes a nice alternative to hanging up pictures or photos. Speaking of which we also havevegan themed canvas art. The ones we have are more fun themed and pop art inspired, check out ourBroccoli Protein Protein Protein canvas - it's fun, cute and clever, and totally on point for any vegan. Would add a fun touch of colour to brighten up to a relaxed modern office or to any room. 

5. Novelty socks - not just any old socks, you want to give gift novelty socks, check out our socks with our Happy Tofu mascot! And socks are one of those things that people always need to use. These are suitable for men and women.
6. Gift Mugs - who couldn’t do with more beautiful mugs to add to their collection and brighten up their work or dining table? Check out our high quality mugs sporting our unique one of a kind plant based queen graphics!
7. T-shirts or hoodies- check out our collections of T-shirts and  hoodies with vegan inspired graphics and slogans, which range fromfun toclever toquirky, fromloud tosubtle. Some are unisex, whilst the rest are more girly style.
8. Jewellery - Check out our jewellery line which are simple classic pieces and will match most outfits and are also good for layering. They are vegan themed with subtle engravings which are chic and good for visualisation and manifestation. 
9. Vegan cookbooks - for the vegan foodie. There are so many mouth watering vegan cook books available, check out this link from vegan.com If they’re really into cooking maybe you could think about a kitchen gadget. 
10. Plants - Ok just because vegans eat plants doesn’t mean that we all love keeping plants… but I think there is a good chance that your vegan might! For a beginner you could think about a more easy going low maintenance yet attractive indoor plant like maybe a Pothos or a Peace Lily. Air plants are striking and don’t need much maintenance other than a weekly or monthly watering depending on the type and decent sunlight. 


So there you go, 10 ideas for gifts for vegans with a couple more thrown in, hope this helps to give you some vegan gift giving inspiration!

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