Vegan social media bloggers I follow

January 28, 2023 4 min read

Vegan social media bloggers I follow

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a great 2023 and start of the year of the Rabbit! 🐇🧧

Today I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and talk about my favourite Vegan social media bloggers over the years that have been a major part of my vegan journey.

I went from being a major meat, egg and dairy eater to being vegan pretty much overnight (I'm one of those types) in 2015. To cut a long story short, I looked into it for health reasons, but now its pretty much just for ethical reasons (as I found out it is very easy to have an unhealthy vegan diet 😅). At the time I didn't know anyone who was vegan, and my family and friends thought I was crazy (and they still do 😂) especially in the Asian culture I would say, they are heavy, heavy meat eaters in Hong Kong. 

Back in the beginning I turned a lot to social media for support, and I regularly consumed Vegan YouTube content, which helped propelled me along. I'm not sure if I would have given up veganism if they weren't there, I think being vegan is just a part of who I am and the catalyst just brought it out. But the vegan YouTubers did give me a lot of indirect emotional support. 

The first Vegan YouTubers  watched tended to be a lot of controversial personalities. One YouTuber who definitely stands out is Freelee the Banana girl, I know she's pretty controversial but I loved how passionate she was. But I will say that the actual diet she was promoting was not very healthy, being primarily fruit and being extremely high carb. I did try it at the time as it was the fad going around at the time, but it made my blood sugar levels go sky high. So the moral to this story is, just because a diet is vegan doesn't necessarily mean its healthy! Or atleast you need to determine what kind of diet is suitable for you as each person is different. 

Blog on Vegan YouTubers I used to follow - Spark Vegan

I watched Banana Blondie, a stunning blonde yoga instructor who's kind of my age, who swears a lot who was a major fruit eater at the time. I don't think she does much on YouTube anymore but I do still follow her on instagram. Vegan Cheetah who was later more into vegan drama whose channel later on imploded spectacularly, and later on stopped being vegan. I watched Happy Healthy Vegan a lot, they are a very chilled out hippy type couple, also big fruit eaters. I believe Ryan became famous after appearing on a US TV show saying that he regularly only eats bananas all day. Vegan Gains, again a very controversial character, but his passion was really inspiring at the time, and he was also very into activism (which I'll admit I'm not as good at doing myself). I believe he does a lot of gaming streams nowadays. The Vegan ZombieI watched for a while and tried some of his great tofu recipes. Unnatural Vegan I thought was great, as she was very down to earth with the type of food she ate, and enjoyed her analytical video essays, although I didn't agree with some of them like the one on breastfeeding. Cheap Lazy Vegan I loved, at the time she was pretty much the only Asian Vegan YouTuber, until Mommy Tang, very down to earth with a lovely bubbly character. 

The list goes on, others include High Carb Hannah, The Happy Pear, Gaz Oakley, Tim Schieff (not vegan anymore), and Plant Based New, amongst others. 

So most of the first Vegan YouTubers I used to watch all the time, I don't really watch anymore. Partly because as you grow you change, as I became more used to making and buying vegan meals I didn't need them so much anymore. A lot of them were pretty controversial, although I'll admit I did enjoy the drama a little when they clashed and made videos of their debates, but that's pretty much all fizzled out now, which is probably a good thing. The only eating fruit thing wasn't for me either. 

Blog on Vegan Social media influencers I am inspired by - Spark Vegan

Nowadays the vegan YouTubers I follow are pretty much just Mommy Tang and Cheap Lazy Vegan, partly perhaps because I like the authentic Asian food component 😂 I also really like Pick Up Limes, she's just so calm and inspirational. Also love the videos she makes on plants. But I now also get a lot of inspiration from Instagram now, there's so many Vegan IGers creating amazing Vegan recipes and Reels, its more than enough. I really like Plant You, I think she's amazing, and also love the posts by Peng Vegan Munch. I'm also part of the vegan circle in Hong Kong, so take a lot of inspiration and support from local IGers, which I will do a separate blog post for. And since Tik Tok exploded on the scene there's been even more stuff posted there, but Hong Kong doesn't do Tik Tok so I just basically just have to watch what is reposted as an IG reel or YouTube short 😅

There's a lot of vegan recipes and vegan channels out there, the only thing I would say is just take care to make sure you take care of yourself and have a healthy balanced diet, make sure you still have a healthy balance of proteins carbs and veg/fruit, and not only just eat fruit, or only just eat fries for example. And don't forget that Vitamin B12!

 Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my little nostalgic trip down memory lane, and hope you got some inspiration from my post too!

How about you, who are your favourite Vegan social media bloggers? I'd love to know!


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