Turn Over a New Leaf One TEAK at a Time

December 28, 2021 3 min read

Turn Over a New Leaf One TEAK at a Time

Leather has been around for centuries and is a popular choice for upholstery, clothing, and other items due to its durability. Traditionally, leather has come from animal hides, but many cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable options are available. One such option is teak leaf leather.

Teak leaves grow fast and are easy to harvest. When the leaves fall, they decompose in six months, resulting in rich soil for crops. Many teak plantations use these leaves as a source of income rather than allowing them to rot on the forest floor, so there is little wild harvesting involved in making teak leaf vegan bags.

The Process for Making Teak Leaf Leather are

🍂 Fallen teak leaves are handpicked.
🍂 The leaves are soaked in water, dyed with eco-friendly dye, then arranged flat together to dry, which bonds the leaves and provides a large sheet of the leaf material.
🍂 The leaf layer is mended with cotton fabric to make it softer and preserve the natural beauty of the leaf pattern and vein.
🍂 The sheet is then sealed in a non-toxic film to make it waterproof and increase its durability.

Teak leaf leather is biodegradable, so it will not harm the environment when it reaches the end of its use. Teak trees have incredibly long lives and can live for 100 years or more. The oldest teak tree is in India, and it is 450 years old.

Teak leaf leather has many benefits over traditional leather made from animal hides. Teak trees grow quickly and abundantly in tropical and subtropical environments, so teak products do not need to come at the cost of other resources or animals. Teak is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet because it replenishes itself so quickly and easily.

Teak leather is a solid, durable material that can withstand rain and even water-based stains. These qualities make it an excellent choice for various applications. It can make wallets, handbags, clothing items, and other items.

As the demand for sustainable materials grows, more and more people turn to teak leaf leather. Teak leaf leather is also versatile, as it can be dyed any color you desire. In addition, teak leaf leather is animal-free, making it an excellent choice for avoiding using animal products. All in all, teak leaf leather has many benefits over traditional leather made from animal hides. So if you're looking for a sustainable, versatile, and animal-free material, teak leaf leather is a great option.

I remember the first time I lay eyes on teak handbags. I was utterly amazed by their beauty. It is simply amazing that some brilliant minds out there managed to turn dry leaves into such beautiful products. No two items are the same because no two leaves are the same. Each one had its unique pattern and coloration, making them all the more fascinating.

If you are still trying to decide on your favorite vegan leather, teak leaf leather is undoubtedly at the top of the list, given its organic beauty and uniqueness.

The idiom "turn over a new leaf" is so on point. Let's do our part to save our planet by turning over a new leaf one TEAK at a time. While you are at it, remember to reward yourself for turning a new leaf.

We at Spark Vegan are a team of compassionate people who care about the environment and animals alike. We believe that making sustainable choices should be easy and accessible to everyone, which is why we work hard to provide you with a range of sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan products. It's never been easier to go vegan, and we're here for all the animal lovers out there.

Our teak leaf products consist of 85% teak leaves. They're water-resistant and won't accumulate mold in humid conditions (although we recommend keeping them away from Hawaii!). The unique, eco-friendly collection is handcrafted by artisans who live among Thailand's indigenous tribes. The workshop has mastered converting these natural resources into a durable vegan fabric that will last for years! They have also earned awards recognizing their contribution to the sustainable and eco-friendly fashion industry.

Here are some of our best sellers

  1. The Diana Wallet is one of our best sellers. This vegan purse is the perfect accessory for all occasions.

  2. The Maya Wallet is another favorite with its classic design. It is a great way to show your love for poetry and women's rights. One of America's most well-known authors, feminist icon Maya Angelou inspired this design.

  3. The Akira tote is the perfect blend of nature and sophistication. It is super light and roomy, making it ideal for work or play.

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